Having converted our panel van into a Kombi, we realised that we now had a 6 seater people carrier. We then started to think about using our Kombi as a camper and decided that we wanted the ability to make ourselves a cup of tea and a bacon roll.

These thoughts led us to developing our box system, now known as the Kombi Life Box. It’s now evolved and gives us all the storage we need with an additional second box plus the ability to sleep two, very comfortably, on a double bed.

The system locates onto our unique and versatile sliding platform allowing you to pull the entire box system out of the van. This makes loading the boxes easier. It also gives you the option that without the boxes installed you have a very useful platform that again allows you to load the van without getting in it.

Kombi Life Box 1

The Kombi life box is our solution for providing the storage you need for the camping adventures you have. It gives you the space for fridge, water, cooking and washing up equipment, utensils, crockery and food. It is neatly secured on our innovative slide out and locking platform. It can easily be removed and has its own legs to keep it off the ground.

Kombi Life Box 2

The second box is an addition to the first and sits snugly behind. The two boxes are easily joined together with two star bolts. It provides that extra storage you need for things like your awning, annex, and clothes.

Kombi Life Bed System

With these panels easily attached, they provide you with a secure and spacious platform for your bed area.

Kombi Life Bike Carrier (coming Soon)

The bike carrier, which takes 2 bikes, is an add on to the slide out system and attaches easily to the platform, allowing you to load the bikes outside, saving you climbing in the back of the van to secure them. It enables you to safely keep your valuable bikes in the van with you. Combined with the kombi life box 1 situated sideways it will give you a single bed if your planning a bike trip on your own.


We can customise and adapt our Kombi Life boxes to suit your individual requirements

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A truly multi-purpose vehicle!


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