Without cutting a hole in your roof, the ikamper roof tent, which fits onto vehicle dedicated roof bars, gives you the option, with its king size bed, to sleep 2 adults and 2 small children.

Turn your Kombi or van into a camper with the added benefit of being able to change your van at any time and keep the tent.

It’s so easy to set up taking just a minute, and just as easy to pack away. You also have the flexibility of being able to add both the ikamper Annexe, and ikamper Awning, allowing you to extend your living area and give you shelter. These are easily zipped into the tent and supported with poles and ropes. We have adapted the Awning so that it will also fit at the back of the van giving you shelter when your barn doors or tailgate are open.

iKamper Roof Tent

This is the stylish and superbly constructed roof tent that we recommend and install. We carry stock of this item so you can view at your convenience.

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iKamper Annex Room

The Annex simply zips into the roof tent and is then pegged out with poles. It has 3 opening door flaps which can be supported with poles.

iKamper Awning

The awning as an alternative also zips into the roof tent and is supported with poles. We also use this awning to attach to the rear of the van.

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A truly multi-purpose vehicle!


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